Handmade Bags from West Africa

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Welcome to Wood & Cricket.

Step inside Wood & Cricket and let yourself be enchanted by the world of vibrant colors, patterns, and the craftsmanship behind our handcrafted collection from West Africa.

Discover our unique selection  as we take you on an West African adventure. From colorful printed bags that serve as shoulder bags, mombags, beach bags, diaper bags, and travel bags, to our distinctive African accessories. In curating this collection, we collaborate closely with local professionals to create unique products. You can follow the creation process of these products via @woodandcricket.

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Collection from Wood & Cricket

Unique handcrafted collection from Togo, West Africa

Each creation in our collection is handcrafted in Togo, West Africa. These creations undergo the process of local craftsmen and women with diverse skills and backgrounds. The collection is handcrafted with the highest possible quality, giving each product its own unique character.

What makes it particularly special is that the available fabrics on the market change with each season, meaning our collection is in a constant state of evolution with new colors and unique prints. This ensures that your chosen product remains unique!

See your bags in real life?

In addition to our online shops, there are a few stores in the Netherlands where you can also experience our bags in real lifeRemember, calling or messaging these shops ahead of your visit to ensure that your favorite bag is still available.

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