Behind the scenes: The faces behind the bags and collection of Wood & Cricket

Wood & Cricket is renowned for its unique, handcrafted bags and collections inspired by cultural diversity and craftsmanship. But what actually lies behind our end products that you see on social media and the website? Let’s take a look behind the scenes and meet the people who play an essential role in creating these distinctive African bags and unique collections.

The Craftsmanship Atelier

At the heart of our production are the workshops we collaborate with. Here, talented local professionals work together to create each Wood & Cricket bag. What makes our bags so special is that everyone in the workshop manufactures their specific part of the bag, whether it’s cutting the leather, sewing the fabrics, or other tasks.

Experts in Authentic Fabrics

Our collection is known for the colorful and vibrant fabrics we use, often from African Wax. These fabrics give our bags character and color. Our collaboration with fabric vendors in the local market in Lome (the capital of Togo) allows us to create a rich variety of designs, making each bag unique.

The Inner Sellers

The inside of our bags is just as important as the outside. Our vegan leather materials are supplied by local entrepreneurs in Lome, who specialize in various leather materials. Vegan leather makes our bags strong, waterproof, and practical for daily use.

Craftsmanship with Labels

Our bags are meticulously detailed, including our leather labels. These are precision-crafted by a skilled leatherworker, providing that unique detail that completes our bags. The leather we use for these labels comes from Benin, a neighboring country to Togo.

The Creators and Organizers

And then, we have the visionaries, like myself and my partner Chris, who bring Wood & Cricket to life. We envision what the bags will look like, keeping every detail from the initial concept to the final design in mind. We ensure quality and manage everything to turn our bags into a reality, including social media, our website, marketing, and communication with the people involved in the production process, both here and in the Netherlands.

The Coordinator in the Netherlands

Our friend Olwen plays a crucial role in the Netherlands. She is responsible for organizing everything needed to ensure that our Dutch customers can easily and enjoyably purchase Wood & Cricket bags, from logistics to shipping.


These heroes ensure that the bags are cleared through customs, which is vital for smooth logistics. We have someone in Togo and in the Netherlands who helps us with this crucial process. This is a significant part, believe me, it’s quite a task!

And Let’s Not Forget DHL

DHL and Post NL play an essential role in shipping our handmade bags. They make distribution possible.

So, the next time you wear your favorite Wood & Cricket bag, know that there is a whole team of passionate people and reliable partners behind it. Our bags are more than just accessories; they are the result of teamwork, dedication, and craftsmanship. We hope you are as proud to wear them as we are to make them. Stay tuned for more insights and adventures from @woodandcricket.

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