At Wood & Cricket, it's all about uniqueness, quality, and collaboration with professionals from West Africa. Our collection of handmade African bags and accessories make perfect gifts for any occasion, whether it's for Mother's Day, a baby shower, or just a special surprise. Our handmade African bags are versatile and [...]
De flowa tas paars hangt in de boom bij een strand
Before our handmade bags hit the stores and appear on the website, there are many steps involved in bringing our new African collection to life. It all starts with a visit to the market to select the new fabrics, which is an adventure in itself. The market is crowded and [...]
Een stapel met verschillende wax prints
The history of Wax prints (often referred to as African prints) is a journey through time and culture, where textiles and tradition come together. From the early colonial period to today's fashion industry, these fabrics carry a deeply rooted history in the materials. Side note: In the Netherlands, we often [...]
Mensen achter de tassen, Mignon eigenaressa maakt bij een kleurrijke locatie een foto van de tassen van wood&cricket
Wood & Cricket is renowned for its unique, handcrafted bags and collections inspired by cultural diversity and craftsmanship. But what actually lies behind our end products that you see on social media and the website? Let's take a look behind the scenes and meet the people who play an essential [...]
Het avontuur van Wood & Cricket met een foto van het gezin

Initially, we had planned to move to Togo, West Africa, with our children, Emma (5) and Semme (2), for a year of adventure. But now, our ticket has no end date. “It feels right here, and we’ll stay as long as that feeling remains.”      The Start of Our […]

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